Artistry and a passion for interior design - backed by outstanding customer service

At Janistyle, we know the every property has its unique elements.   And by drawing upon our vast inventory of furniture and accessories, we can create the right combination of color and styles to bring out the best in each unique property.   

Complementary to our staging services, we also provide color and renovation consultation to help you ensure that you get the maximum return for the investment you make in your property.  And we provide design consulting services for those simply wanting update their existing residence.

Janis L. Duysen, Designer

Started back in 2000, the concept of Janistyle was built upon the passion and enthusiasm that its founder, Janis L. Duysen, has for interior design and the artistry surrounding it.  Harnessing that passion, she started out by introducing her own brand of "Janistyle" staging in the Rossmoor community of Walnut Creek.  

Since that early start, Janistyle has come to set the standard for staging in Rossmoor and the surrounding area, assembling a strong support team, and building a quality organization with a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Janis L. Duysen, Designer

Walnut Creek, CA 94595, USA

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