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Janis L. Duysen, Designer

At Janistyle, we take great pride in providing the premier staging experience for our clients.  With nearly 20 years of experience and over 2,000 homes staged, we know how to create a lasting impression. Through artistry and expertise, we can bring out the very best in your home - to help it sell quicker and for a higher price. 


Staging and Interior Design Serving Rossmoor and the Surrounding Walnut Creek Area

  • It creates more appeal and interest in the property.

  • It allows your home to show its best.

  • It sells faster.

  • It sells for a higher price.


Why Should You Consider Staging?

  • Our focus is on your goal - It's about you and helping you sell your property.

  • Our main ingredient is artistry - True staging is about artistry and design; that's what creates the "feel", and that's our core competency.

  • Our experience and expertise - Almost two decades and 2,000+ homes in Rossmoor and the surrounding Walnut Creek area has taught us a lot about staging.

  • Our commitment to customer service -  We have a strong team and organization, and we back up our work with outstanding customer service.

  • Anxillary services - We also have expertise in color and renovation consultation.

  • You deserve the best - Your home represents a significant asset.  We know how to help it show its best.

Why choose Janistyle?